Indie Pop Drum Kit
Ethereal Sounds

Indie Pop Drum Kit

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The Ethereal Sounds ‘Indie Pop Drum Kit’ is comprised of 100 original live recorded and synthesized drum sounds. Ranging in sonics and character, this kit was mixed and processed to be suited for modern sample-based production with a hint of analog flavor from decades past. From punchy snares and kicks to organic percussion, vintage drum machine hi-hats, and more. This pack was tailored for indie pop and similar sub-genres while the samples are optimized to handle all the paces you put them through.

The ‘Indie Pop Drum Kit’ is a refreshing sample pack to have on rotation in your arsenal.


Featuring 100 one-shot samples including:

  • 20 Kicks 
  • 20 Snares 
  • 20 Hi-Hats 
  • 20 Cymbals 
  • 20 Percs